Training at Horse Academy

Why not combining the skills of a real western cow horse with those of an educated classical dressage horse?

We are training all western horses all-round, what means that even for highly specialized cutting horses we use elements of Classical European Dressage. Not only is it a joy for each horse to have a versatile, interesting training - the century old knowledge of Classical Dressage contains intelligent exercises, that create a true athletic horse, who is living up to it´s full potential.

The international World of Working Equitation offers a discipline that became a perspective to the practical application for the art of Classical European Dressage. 

At Hof Hagenort we offer clinics and educational programs for both, the western and dressage world, the horse and the rider. Everything we do is based on an indestructible love for the horse and the decency, that should be the foundation of every rider. Just as it was the vision of the greatest masters of past centuries